Heidi L. Clopton, OTR/L

Heidi is a pediatric occupational therapist who has a passion for helping children with sensory processing issues and coordination difficulties. She has been working exclusively with pediatrics since her graduation with highest honors from UT in 1998. She was awarded by UT Memphis as a Top OT Graduate in the Last 35 Years Award. She has worked in a variety of

settings including school systems and home based early intervention. This center is her dream come true with all disciplines working together to provide optimal therapeutic interventions including OT, PT, speech, behavioral and neuro-visual therapies. She started a special needs ministry called Rising Above Ministries which serves the community with events just for children and adults with special needs. Most recently, she was honored to contribute extensively as well as help edit the amazing book, The Sensory Processing Anthology. Heidi and her husband, Dr. Jason Clopton, have lectured nationally and internationally on the evaluation and treatment of sensory processing issues, Autism, Visual-Vestibular Integration, motor coordination, ADHD and Dypraxia. Heidi always makes her recommendations family-friendly, with easy to understand information that can be carried over into the home environment into daily routines. Her motto is “education is empowerment”, and she desires for families to understand how to help their child achieve their greatest potential!

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